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Discovery and Recovery is a non-profit ministry helping those recovering from addiction through Jesus Christ

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"The man from whom the demons had gone out begged to go with him, but Jesus sent his away, 'Return home and tell how much God has done for you.' So that man went away and told all over town how much Jesus had done for him."

Luke 8:38

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Welcome to Discovery and Recovery!

There is a new reading up from Dennis on the Readings Page. Check it out today!

Discovery and Recovery has teamed up with Wenden Recovery Services to offer a new recovery program!

One of the goals of Discovery and Recovery in Christ is to equip and train churches to deal with addiction from a Biblical perspective. Considering the poor success rates of many treatment modalities, and the continual relapse that many people suffer, we would provide an alternative perspective on “recovery” and maintaining “sobriety”.

   Another goal is to provide people with the opportunity to experience Christ’s love and mercy. This ministry focuses on the teaching people will need to address the issues concerning their lives with God. Teaching and discussing fundamental Biblical truths that will help us to see the world from God’s perspective and participate in God’s will for our lives. When we understand these truths, through their daily practice, we can become the light on the path of Discovery and Recovery in Christ for others.


We hope that you can find the information you need that can help you or someone you know to find help in Christ.


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